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Meet the newest member of the Darby family of products,

Pipeline Coating Services

We offer pipeline contractors a reliable new source for pipeline coating services featuring newly engineered coating equipment designed for optimum ease of use and consistent results when applying high quality fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) to all sizes of steel pipe joints.

Our user-friendly equipment provides pipeline contractors with the ability to consistently apply factory-quality coating in a field setting. PCS coating services and equipment are available for rent throughout North America.

• With our equipment operators can now apply single-layer coatings and abrasive resistance over-coating where dual coatings are necessary in rocky terrain or in the case of directional drills.
• Various coating widths are available for use with a 150-KW generator to accomplish the best possible results in a timely manner.
• In addition to its user-friendly features, PCS coating equipment provides safety features like operator-control E-stops for immediate operational stoppage.
• PCS equipment generators are supplied with a 75-gallon auxiliary tank.
• All PCS equipment is backed up by Darby Equipment’s commitment to prompt, reliable service.
We are a world-class provider of field coating services dedicated to the highest level of quality and service. As the newest member of the family, PCS is dedicated to delivering the Darby promise:

Expect a Higher Standard.

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